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Structure Deck: Gagaga Xyz

Gagaga Cowboy
This monster is a key card for “Gagaga” Decks that have different effects depending on battle positions!
If your opponent controls a powerful monster, use its Attack Position effect to increase its ATK and decrease the ATK of your opponent monster to destroy it in battle!
If your opponent is at low Life Points, use the Defense Position effect instead to finish off the Duel with effect damage!

Zubababancho Gagagacoat
This monster can be Special Summoned from your hand if you have a “Zubaba” or a “Gagaga” monster except for “Zubababancho Gagagacoat” on your side of the field!
In addition, once per turn, you can Special Summon a “Gogogo” or “Dododo” monster from your Graveyard!
Use these two effects to prepare for an Xyz Summon!

14 different types of cards (2 UR, 3 SR, 5 R, and 4 N). A total of 21 cards (Main Deck: 20 Cards/Extra Deck: 1 Card)


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